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Solar Power At Night

One of the biggest misconceptions about solar power is that it’s only good for during the day, and let’s be honest, if you’re out all day at work or school, would solar really benefit you?  The good news is that you absolutely can use solar power at night!

You don’t have to turn your schedule on it’s head and start to work nights so you can be home during the day to use your solar power, and as much as we’d all love to, early retirement is probably out of the question.  Thankfully you can include a solar battery with your solar system and have access to all the free renewable energy that your solar panels generate – even when the sun has gone down.

A solar battery bridges the gap between free energy from your solar panels and having the make up the excess with expensive energy from the national grid.  It does this by taking any energy that your solar panels generate through the day that your home doesn’t use and storing it until you need it, usually at night.

Not only that but installing a storage means that you can even take advantage of smart technology within the battery to sell your excess energy back to the national grid!  Using the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) your storage battery can take any excess energy it has and sell it back to the national grid at the best possible price and the best possible time to actually make you money on energy for once! Don’t worry though, it will only ever do this if you ask it to – so there’s no worry that it might sell back energy you actually wanted to use.

With solar panels becoming increasingly popular for homes across the country, it only makes sense to get as much as possible out of your solar system – and adding a storage battery lets you use your solar energy when the sun goes down! How much more could you need from your system?

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