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Case Study: Jake & Helena, West Yorkshire

What led you to want to invest in an Air Source Heat Pump?

Our boiler was coming to the end of its life, so we were looking at potential options to replace it.  We also wanted to try and make our money go further for running costs and try to do what we could about lowering our emissions, and that’s what led us to Heat Pumps.  We also wanted to future proof our home to some extent, which should increase our house value.

Have you been happy with your Air Source Heat Pump?

Yes, we have, I’ll admit I was sceptical about switching from gas heating to electric at first, but we also had solar panels installed as well about 18 months ago, so with the solar working to power them too it’s been a massive difference to us.  The house seems warmer when we use it, it feels like the heat we get from the heat pump makes the house warmer more evenly, rather than cold then warm, then too warm, then cold again like it did with the gas heating.

Has your Air Source Heat Pump saved you money?

I’ve been surprised by how much actually.  It certainly has brought our bills down because we use less energy now.  Our energy company lets us compare how much we use year on year, and we’ve used way less energy now we have the heat pump than we did when we had the had the boiler. It goes without saying that using less energy means lower bills!  I think we’re down about half in terms of energy used, so even though electricity is more expensive than gas, it’s still lowered the bills.

Would you recommend an Air Source Heat Pump to others?

I would.  I didn’t know what to expect really but we did our research and decided to go for it and I’ve been happy so far.  I thought it would be an eyesore, but I don’t actually notice the pump itself, and my wife was worried that it would be loud when we sit out, but it’s hardly louder than the fridge is when it’s running.  I’d say as long as you look into it properly and make sure it’s right for you, then you won’t regret it.

Are you likely to think about any other renewable products?

I’d say so.  I don’t know what else we would use really to keep lowering our carbon emissions, because we already have solar and now the heat pump, but when we need to get something replaced or upgraded next, we’ll definitely look at the renewable options out there, because I think they do a way better job than people give them credit for.

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