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Case Study: Dan & Katie, Coventry

Dan & Katie are a couple with a young family. They have recently moved into the home they plan on staying in to raise their family and are in the process of making sure their home is everything want it to be.

What led you to want to replace your windows?

We’ve finally been lucky enough to find the right home we want to raise our family in,so we’re making sure that it’s as perfect as it can be. The windows at the front had been done by the previous owner, so we wanted to replace the windows at the back, and the back door so that they’re all up to date and efficient. You could definitely tell the difference between the old ones at the back and new at the front.

Have you been happy with your Windows?

Oh definitely! It’s a strange one with windows, because they’re not something you ever really think about, but the difference between the new ones and the old ones is like night and day. The new ones are a cleaner design, and they look more substantial than the old ones did. Plus, you can tell the glass is thicker as well.

Have your windows saved you money?

It’s too early to tell for us I think. I don’t know that they’ll make an immediate impact on our bills, particularly as the weather is getting warmer, but I think I have noticed a difference in the amount of noise that comes through from the road, and the house feels more comfortable, so fingers crossed for when the weather gets cold!

Would you recommend new Windows to others?

I would, especially if you have old windows in your house. I’ve already gotten my mum and dad to make an enquiry because their windows need doing too. There are little things with replacing windows you don’t think of, but are really important. Like we got a top opening window in our bathroom, they’re called awning windows I think? And that’s made all the difference because we can leave the window open to let the steam out after everyone has been in the shower, and don’t have to worry about anything like it blowing completely open when it’s windy, or letting rain in.

Are you likely to think about any other renewable products?

I think we’re going to start small when it comes to renewable products. We’d like to look at solar, but we aren’t sure if we’re there yet. Dan has said the next thing to think about is getting the loft insulated properly, so I think Spray Foam is one for us next.

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