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Why Should I Replace My Windows?

You’re thinking about replacing your windows but aren’t 100% sure why you should. After all, unless your windows are completely blown or leaking, they’ll be fine for a bit longer, right? If that sounds like you then keep reading, because we’ve put together a few reasons why replacing your windows is a good idea.

The first reason, and one of the biggest considering the rising energy bills recently is energy efficiency. Modern windows are designed to be far more energy efficient than their predecessors. Window technology is constantly changing and moving forward, and an upgrade to modern, energy efficient windows can help to reduce the amount of heat transfer in your home, keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The second reasons is an increase in your home value. It might seem counterintuitive to replace your windows if you’re thinking about selling your property, but, if you know that you’re not in your forever home, or you may be downsizing in the next few years for instance, then replacing your windows can add curb appeal, as well as increased energy efficiency, both of which can increase its market value.

The third reason on our list is improved safety and security. If your windows are older they might have worn out frames, loose locks, or they might have a single pane of glass that is much easier to break. Modern windows come with multi-locking systems, options for tempered or laminated glass, as well as reinforced frames. All of which work towards keeping your family safe and secure.

If you’ve been considering replacing your windows and now you’re convinced, get in touch with us here, and we can provide you with a free quote for replacing your windows, with absolutely no obligation!

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