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Resin or Traditional: Which Drive Should You Choose?

When it comes to replacing your drive you’re making a big decision.  Afterall, it’s something you’ll see every time you leave and every time you come home, and it will make a big difference to your home’s kerb appeal.

So, should you go for a traditional drive like tarmac or concrete? Or should you spend a little extra and invest into something more modern like a resin drive?  Well let’s find out!

First Impressions

When it comes to a resin drive you have a wide range of colours, stone finishes, and even patterns available to choose from.  Because you can combine different resins and aggregates easily, you could have a resin drive with a winding path to the front door in a beautiful contrasting colour without having to change the material at all.  A resin drive lets you customise (almost) to your heart’s content, so you can perfectly complement your landscaping and type of home.  When it comes to concrete or traditional tarmac, they fall significantly shorter in that department.  They might be dependable, but they’re certainly not exciting!

Winner: Resin

Smooth Sailing

Anyone who has stepped on one will tell you, resin driveways are somehow reassuringly strong, but somehow like walking on a cloud?  When installed correctly they’re incredibly smooth, sturdy and easy to walk on.  Not only that, but they’re slip resistant too.  Resin drives are safer in wet and slippery conditions since they’re porous, so they don’t let water pool on them long enough to become slick.  Compare that a traditional surface which can be rougher and sometimes uneven, and very easily become slippery when they’re wet and it’s easy to see why resin is a better solution.

Winner: Resin

Easy Maintenance

Being porous doesn’t just make a resin drive slip resistant, in fact their porous nature makes them easier to maintain and gives them a longer life.  Traditional driveways like concrete and tarmac are incredibly robust, but there is nowhere for water to go with them, other than in the drains.  So, there is a higher chance that water may sit on their surface and pool, which can lead to icy patches in winter, and weather wearing them down over time.  A resin drive however lets the water disappear through the surface, minimising the chances that water could get into a small crack and freeze and expand – which is the number one cause of cracks and damage to road and drive surfaces in the UK.

Beyond that, but the resin used in resin drives can be designed to resist UV rays, as well as oil and fuel stains, and usually a simple sweep and hose or jet-wash down is all that’s needed to keep them looking their best!

Winner: Resin

Environmental Impact

With the increasing emphasis on how important our environment is, and moves towards sustainability in our building practices, it is worth comparing resin to tarmac and concrete.  When it comes to the traditional materials the fact is that they are one of the reasons people are looking for more sustainable materials as an alternative.  Traditional drive materials don’t allow water to escape from them very well, so the only place it can go is into the drainage system which can lead to pollution in the water table, as well as flooding.  Resin drives being permeable allows that same water to make its way into the ground naturally, removes some of the pollution from the natural water table, and can help to prevent flooding – making resin the clear winner when it comes to the environmental impact of drive surfaces.

Winner: Resin

Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of surface you choose for replacing your drive, it’s going to be big decision, but one that will ultimately boost your homes kerb appeal and could even make your home more appealing to buyers down the line.  Based on the criteria we’ve discussed then it seems clear to us that a new resin drive is the way to go, but that doesn’t mean that resin is the right choice for everyone.  If you still prefer tried and true materials like concrete or tarmac, then that’s okay! They’re reliable and cost-effective for a reason.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but if you’re like us and think resin is the future then fill out your details here and we’ll be in touch to help get you started.

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