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Can I Install Air Conditioning Myself?

In short, no not really. If you have bought a standalone Air Conditioning (A/C) unit, sometimes called a portable air conditioner, then sure, you can plug it in and let it go without needing a professional installer. However, installing a “proper” or permanent A/C system is a significantly more complicated task.

Firstly, you need to ensure that you choose the right size of system for your home. Determining the right capacity and size of the air conditioning is an incredibly important during the planning phase of installing A/C in your home. Factors such as your home’s size, level of insulation, the number of rooms you want cooling, and a number of other factors are all important parts of determining whether your system is running at optimal efficiency and performance.

Another factor that is incredibly important to consider when it comes to A/C installation is just how complicated can be. There are components of electrical work, HVAC systems, and in some cases refrigerant handling all involved, and although installing Air Conditioning isn’t a difficult task for someone who has experience in these areas, for those who don’t it will be a more practical solution to hire a professional installer.

This leads us to another important reason why you can’t install Air Conditioning yourself. There are types of A/C systems and units that need certain refrigerants in order to work properly. These refrigerants can only be installed by qualified and registered professionals since attempting to do so without the specialist knowledge and qualifications can lead to environmental damage, as well as lead to legal issues with regulations.

As well as that, most warranties from Air Conditioning manufacturers are not valid unless theirproducts are professionally installed, so installing it yourself may void any warranties and leave youwith the bill for any repairs or replacements. Plus, having you’re A/C professionally installed meansthat you can rest assured that your installation will comply with any and all regulations and buildingstandards.

So, unless you happen to be an HVAC specialist, with F-Gas and other relevant qualifications and specialist knowledge, it’s safe to say that installing air conditioning in your home is a job for a professional

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