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Let’s Talk About Resin Drives

We’ve all seen a house with a shiny new resin drive and had a little twinge of “ooh, I’d like one of them” haven’t we?  After all, one of the most important things for your home is its curb appeal, and a resin drive certainly brings that to the table.  But what do most of us know about resin driveways? 

If you’re in a position to replace or upgrade your drive and are thinking about looking into resin, then let us help and tell you some things you might not know about them.

Versatile Design

We’ve already mentioned that they look good.  We all know a resin drive looks good, we all have eyes that can see that for ourselves.  The thing that everyone probably notices but never really considers though, is just how customisable resin driveways actually are.

Resin driveways are made with an aggregate of different types of stone, in different shapes and sizes, all of which combine to give you a selection of potential finishes that will look perfect with either a modern or a traditional home.  But that isn’t even the limit to how customisable a resin driveway can be.

Because of the nature of how they are laid, you can easily combine colours in your driveway to create a pattern, or a pathway for the perfect design.  The way that resin drives are laid also means that you can add curves to your driveway, instead of strictly having to keep within straight lines like you would with paving.

Safe as well as Stylish

The customisation of a resin driveway also leads nicely on to the next thing we’d like to tell you about resin driveways – they’re safe.  Because you can customise a resin drive you can quite easily have different colours bordering your driveway.  Why would I need that you might be thinking?  Well, the chances are you won’t, but some people with vision difficulty can have a hard time determining the edge of pathways – but a different coloured edge stands out more clearly and can help prevent them from tripping. 

Resin driveways are also incredibly safe from the risks that tend to come with other driveway surfaces like concrete or paving stones.  The surface when laid properly will always be flat, never bumpy or disjointed, so there should be no trip hazards. Resin driveways are also SuDS (Sustainable Drainage System – more on this in a sec.) compliant which means that their surface is permeable, so they won’t hold surface water.  Or, in layman’s terms they don’t get slippy!  You can even clean a resin drive with soapy water and you shouldn’t slip.  That makes them perfect for homes where there are children playing, elderly occupants or visitors, or anyone with mobility issues.

Environmentally Friendly

Besides looking fantastic and being safe in a wide variety of ways, resin driveways are great for the environment too!  They are something called a Sustainable Drainage System, or SuDS.  Sustainable Drainage Systems is the collective name for ways of building and developing that also take into account the natural environment around them, and as such are focused on managing surface water, slowing down water runoff before it gets into the sewer system, and take into account water quality and biodiversity when building.

When it comes to resin drives, they are made from a porous material, which allows water to drain into it and away from the surface of the drive.  This does a number of things, first and foremost it can help to prevent flooding, and should ensure that you don’t get surface water on your driveway (remember how we said they don’t get slippy?).

One of the other things it does is allows water that falls from things like rain to drain away more slowly once it has permeated the drive, and drain where it falls, rather than being moved into a sewer system.  This helps to ensure that the drainage systems we have in place don’t get overwhelmed in times of heavy rainfall, plus it helps maintain the natural water cycle and reduce water pollution!

If you’re thinking of upgrading your curb appeal and adding a little luxury to your home, especially now you know you’ll be keeping your drive safe and helping your local environment too, then fill the form out here and we will be happy to help get you on your way to a brand new drive!

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