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Solar & ASHPs

Air Source Heat Pumps take the heat from the air around them, and without going into too much detail (which is available here if you want it) turn that heat into heat that can be used by your home. They’re emission free, and they use electricity to operate.

Solar Panels take the energy that comes from the sun, pass it through an inverter that converts it in to usable electricity that can power your home, and then they give that electricity to the appliances in your home that need it. They are a way of generating clean, renewable energy that can power your home, all for free.

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Because Air Source Heat Pumps run on electricity, and solar panels generate electricity, they work perfectly together to lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint combined!

Solar Panels will take the energy from the sun, and then when they have done the technical side of everything they need to do, they will send that electricity to appliances in your home that need it. No matter how much energy the solar system generates, the first priority for where it is sent will always to powering your home.

This means that anything running on electricity will be powered first. So, your fridge freezer, your laptop, your oven, your shower, your washing machine, your TV, your electric car being charged –literally anything and everything that is using electricity will take it from your solar panels. This includes your Air Source Heat Pump.

Because the energy generated by your solar panels is completely free for you to use, it means that if you’re powering your Air Source Heat Pump using solar energy then you could be heating your home with free electricity too!

Get in touch with us here at Honest Quotes to find out whether your home is solar suitable to team up with your Air Source Heat Pump, or here to find out about getting an Air Source Heat Pump to partner with your already existing solar panels!

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