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UPVC Decking: Robert & Emily

Robert and Emily live in the North East and have 2 children under 10. They replaced their home’s old timber decking with some UPVC decking for safety and aesthetics.

What made you want to replace your decking?

When we moved into our home it already had decking, which was a bit old but lovely to sit out on, and we really enjoy having that outside space. But, as the kids have gotten older so has the decking and we’ve noticed it starting to look tired, it takes a long time to get ready each year, and it’s doesn’t seem quite as safe as it used to with them running around more now.

Have you been happy with your new decking?

Oh god yes. It’s been an absolute god send. I don’t think I quite realised just how tired the old decking looked until we got the new one. Plus, we were able to decide what kind of finish and colour we wanted we’ve been able to go for something that still looks wood effect, but it’s much more modern in colour. It doesn’t quite match the windows and doors, but it’s the right theme!

Would you recommend UPVC decking to others?

I definitely would. Rob’s brother has decking in their garden as well and we’ve already been singing the praises of how easy it is to keep ours clean and not have to sand it or stain it or worry about it being slippy with the stuff that comes off the trees. I think we’re already starting to turn their heads about getting theirs replaced!

Are you likely to think about any other renewable products?

We had our windows replaced when we moved in, which I think is a good thing. And we’re going to be getting the loft insulated properly later this year before the winter comes to try and make sure the heating goes as far as it can with energy prices like they are. I’d say we probably would look at other renewable products going forward, certainly for any home improvements we make. Stuff like solar panels would always be lovely, but whether that’s on the cards for us right now we’ll have to see.

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