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UPVC Decking: Suitable for all weathers

We all know that the UK weather is nothing if not unpredictable. Whether it’s bringing rain for days, sunshine for weeks, or snow for a day that feels like months we get it all. With that in mind, when you’re choosing a material for your outdoor living space you need to choose one that will be up to the challenge. That’s where UPVC decking is worth its weight in gold.

UPVC is built to resist moisture. It is designed with a non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb water. This means that whilst traditional wood decking might sit through days of a downpour and absorb water like a sponge, uPVC on the other hand won’t be affected. So, when you start to see warping or rotting and the need for regular and costly upkeep in wood decking, that isn’t a concern for uPVC.

When the sun does make an appearance in between spells of cloud and rain it can be much stronger than we think. We’ve all seen someone fall victim to a burnt back from a beer garden at the first sign of sunshine after all! Those same UV rays can negatively affect some decking materials, causing their colour and finish to fade and the material to dry out and crack. UPVC on the other hand comes armed with UV resistance to protect your decking against all those things.

UPVC is designed to be resistant to UV rays, which means that it won’t lose its colour or fade when exposed to the sun. It also means that the suns rays won’t make it go dry and brittle or crack either. So, as soon as the sun does come out you know you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and fire up the BBQ without having to check the decking is suitable for visitors, because it will look as good as the day it was put it!

To that end, one of the biggest bonuses you get with UPVC decking is the fact that it needs such little maintenance to keep it looking great. All it takes is a little bit of soap and water every now and then and your decking will look pristine. Choosing UPVC decking is an investment not only in your outside space, but into your own time. Let’s face it, no one wants to have to spend a weekend sanding, staining and sealing their decking, only for the sun to disappear and need to do it all again next year. With uPVC decking you don’t need to, so there’s less time on chores and more time spent with a cold beer or glass of gin in the sun.

With weather in the UK being temperamental at best, it’s important to make sure that your outdoor space doesn’t suffer and UPVC will make sure that won’t happen. Built to withstand rain, wind, and shine, combined with durability that ensures it doesn’t crack or splinter no matter what Mother Nature has to bring to the party, it’s the perfect choice.

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