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Daikin were founded almost a century ago, with a mission to improve the air around us. Founded in 1924 by Akira Yamada, by 1933 they were researching the use of fluorine refrigerants – the first step in their mission to develop the most comfortable and energy-efficient cooling equipment and refrigerators.

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In 1936 they were instrumental in providing air conditioning on trains for the first time in Japan. In the early 1960’s they were the first Japanese manufacturer that mass produced self-contained and packaged air conditioning equipment.

Daikin expanded into Europe in the 1970’s, and began even more rapidly expanded throughout the continent in the early 1990s, as well as establishing affiliates in the Middle East and Africa. Today Daikin are able to boast the global R&D leader for heat pump heating and refrigeration technology with the EMEA Development Centre.

Daikin have a mission to improve the quality of the air around us, whilst at the same time maintaining sustainable business practices and ensuring that they are doing their part to help us move towards a carbon neutral future.

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