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Midea are one of the fastest growing companies in the world, providing air conditioning and HVAC solutions for your home, among other products, to an award-winning standard

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Why Choose Midea?

Midea achieved a 20% market share in Europe in 2017 and began to change the way they did business in the UK in order to continue to grow and develop as a business. As a result, they introduced the Mi Pro Partnership that rewards FGAS certified installers for the installation and commissioning of Midea system, as well as ongoing maintenance. This has led to incredible long-term care for Midea products and customers.

Midea have manufacturing facilities in 12 countries worldwide, including China, Japan, USA, Germany and Italy. With 52 million global sales of their products it is easy to see why they are the number 1 manufacturer of HVAC products in the world.

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