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Split System Air Conditioning

A Split System Air Conditioning system consists of 2 units, one inner and one outer unit that are connected to each other with electric cable and piping to allow the refrigerant that provides the cool air to move between the two units.

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What is Split System Air Conditioning?

A Split System Air Conditioning system is one that you would most commonly find in adomestic home. They consist of two units, one large outdoor unit that needs the mostspace and generates the most noise, and one indoor unit that is almost always smaller,quieter and can be installed almost anywhere in the home.

Modern Split System air conditioners can also be managed with a remote control, so theyare controllable from a single point, and can be fitted with timers and controls to allow youto personalise your everyday system use. It may seem like something we take for granted,but the convenience of controlling your system remotely can’t be underestimated.

Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning?

There are lots of reasons why Split System Air Conditioning is the most popular kind of A/C system in the UK. First and foremost, they’re incredibly flexible units. The indoor unit can be installed almost anywhere in the home, the only real restriction on placement is ensuring that the connecting wiring and pipework to the outdoor unit is as uninstructive as possible. Not only are they flexible, but since the units are designed to be used indoors there are models available on the market that are exceptionally quiet so you can run them without disturbing your home, especially if you’re sleeping in the cool air!

Add in to that the fact that modern indoor A/C units are designed with aesthetics in mind, and you’ll soon discover that you should have no problem finding a model that looks fantastic and integrates perfectly into your home’s design.

The other biggest reason that Split System Air Conditioning is a great choice for your home is their energy efficiency. Modern systems are very often energy efficient and cost effective to run thanks to technology like inverters that adjust compressor speeds and make the unit maintain a consistent temperature whilst consuming less energy to do so.

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