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Why Invest In An ASHP?

Lower your gas bill with a 300% more efficient Air Source Heat Pump system.

Built To Last

ASHP are designed to last up to 20 years which is better than the average boiler lifespan of just 10 years.

Higher Efficiency

Generate heat and hot water for your home with a system that is 300% more efficient than a traditional gas boiler.

Clean & Greener

ASHP are powered by electricity which can be renewably generated – perfect if you have a solar system on your home.

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Built to last

300% more effective than a new boiler

Is An ASHP For You?

Air Source Heat Pumps are the future of heating and hot water in our homes with the UK government establishing a ban on new gas boiler sales to take effect in 2025.

ASHP are incredibly efficient at taking small amounts of energy and turning it into large amounts of heat – they effectively work in the opposite way to a refrigerator. One unit of electrical energy can create up to 4 units of heating energy – as a comparison a boiler takes 1 unit of energy and creates only 0.9 units of heat.

While electricity costs more than gas, electricity is a renewable energy source so over the long term, the prices will be more stable than gas which will eventually run out. If you have solar panels, an ASHP system allows you to use your own free energy from your panels to provide heat and hot water for free also!

By 2050 the country will run on a zero net emissions and 87% of UK households will have an ASHP installed so now is the time to take advantage of government grants and prepare your home for a low energy future.

Air Source Heat Pump Advantages

See below for some of the most common ASHP advantages.

Future Proof

  • Gas boilers to be banned from sale.
  • ASHPs last up to 20 years.
  • Power with renewable energy.

Home Benefits

  • Lower your heating costs.
  • Enhance your property's value
  • Provide heat and hot water efficiently.

Eco Friendly

  • Use electricity to heat your home.
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Power ASHP with your solar panels.

Suitable For Most Properties

Air Source Heat Pumps are suitable and highly effective in most types of properties.