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Why Install an Air Source Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is one of the heating solutions of the future. As conventional boiler systems begin to phase out of homes in favour of more efficient ways to heat our homes and hot water, the Air Source Heat Pump is the best option on the market today to replace them.

An ASHP is a great option for homes across the country, because they are significantly more efficient than a traditional boiler. A traditional boiler at its most efficient will take 1 kWh of energy and give you 0.98 kWh of heat in return. An ASHP on the other hand will take 1 kWh of energy and give you 3kWh of heat energy for your home. That’s an efficiency of 300%!

At 300% efficiency, it’s no surprise that an Air Source Heat Pump is a great way to reduce your energy bills. In the initial instance they can be on the more expensive side to install, but over the long term of their lifespan the energy that they are capable of saving you can massively outweigh that initial investment.


Split System



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Types of Air Source Heat Pump

When it comes to Air Source Heat Pumps there are two options to choose from, each with different benefits that make them suitable for your home. Depending on the amount of space you have, as well as your budget and existing heating system you may favour one over the other. Thankfully though there is an ASHP for every home.


A monobloc heat pump is a type of ASHP that comes in a single self-contained unit

Split System

A split system heat pump is a type of ASHP that comes in 2 units, one indoor and one outdoor.

Built to last

Higher efficiency

How do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

An Air Source Heat Pump works in very simple terms by taking the heat from the air outside, passing it through the internal systems of the ASHP, and then transferring that heat into your home.

Depending on your type of heating an ASHP will transfer heat into your home through either ducts, radiators, or underfloor heating. If you have a water-based system, the heat can even be circulated through your pipes to transmit the warmth.

Air Source Heat Pumps also do something that some older, more traditional heating systems will not: they distribute heat evenly throughout the home. Air Source Heat Pumps can constantly maintain an even heat output, rather than spiking temperatures in the same way an older heating system would do.

Air Source Heat Pumps are a great, low carbon way to heat your home. They generate no carbon emissions in order to create the heat that keeps you warm, and the only emissions involved in heat generation for an ASHP are the ones used to create the electricity the pump runs on. That’s why they’re such a perfect partner for any home that has something like solar panels – where your electricity is generated by the sun.

ASHP Manufacturers

There are lots of different ASHP manufacturers in the UK, which gives consumers a great market to choose from thanks to the number of options available.  Since ASHP’s is something that is new to a lot of people, not everyone will be aware of just what is out there to choose from.

Why Invest In An ASHP?

Lower your gas bill with a 300% more efficient Air Source Heat Pump system.

Built To Last

ASHP are designed to last up to 20 years which is better than the average boiler lifespan of just 10 years.

Higher Efficiency

Generate heat and hot water for your home with a system that is 300% more efficient than a traditional gas boiler.

Clean & Greener

ASHP are powered by electricity which can be renewably generated – perfect if you have a solar system on your home.


We understand that ASHPs can be complicated, and with it being so new to so many people there are understandably a lot of questions that you might have.  We have gathered a few of our most frequently asked questions about ASHPs and answered them in one easy place to help make things a little easier for you.

They most definitely are! Air Source Heat pumps don’t use fossil fuels to generate heat – instead they pull it directly from the air around them. Not only that but they’re more efficient than traditional boilers, so you get more heat for less energy!

Generally speaking No, you don’t. There are a couple of instances where you might: if you already have an ASHP and want to install a second, or if you had a windmill on your property already for instance.

For 99% of people as long as your Air Source Heat Pump is up to MCS standards, then they are classed as a permitted development.

Yes, they do. Air Source Heat Pumps are designed to work in low temperature environments. Countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia are all countries that regularly use Air Source Heat Pumps.

Depending on the model you have installed, it can still extract heat from the air at temperatures as low as -20°C

Modern Air Source Heat Pumps are designed with quiet operation in mind. Depending on which make and model you choose, some brands have even been awarded the Quiet Mark Award for their Air Source Heat Pumps. The location you install your ASHP can also make a big difference to how noisy they appear to be.

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