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Viessmann were founded in 1917 and grown since then to employ 13,000people in 74 countries across the globe, all working together to improve peoples lives with innovative technologies.

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Why Viessmann?

Viessmann have always been a provider of heating solutions. For four generations the company has been working in the heating industry, constantly improving and innovating technologies to keep them at the forefront of heating and energy solutions. This, combined with their commitment to sustainability, both in thinking and in action, has led to them creating a full range of heat pumps to choose from.

Viessmann’s Air Source Heat Pumps can take air from as cold as -15 degrees Celsius and convert it into usable heat for your home. They offer a range of Air Source Heat Pumps to suit a variety of options, including units with internal hot water storage, smart controls via the app, and units that will integrate with your existing radiators to minimise disruption to your home.

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