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Monobloc Air Source Heat Pumps are single unit heat pumps that are perfectly suited for smaller homes, due to their size and ease of installation.

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What is a Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump?

A monobloc Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is a heat pump that comes in a single unit. Installed outdoors, a monobloc ASHP is connected directly to the heating system of your property and can be controlled from inside, either by a control panel or a thermostat. Quite often they also come with an outdoor control panel too.

Why Choose a Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump?

When it comes to choosing an ASHP there are a number of excellent reasons to choose a monobloc heat pump, rather than a split system heat pump.
First and foremost, because a monobloc unit is a self-contained single unit there is no need for connecting refrigerant pipes. This means that their installation costs are reduced as they take less time to install. Not only that but finding an engineer to install one should be significantly easier, as any trained heating engineer should be able to install them since they do not need to have an F-gas qualification to handle any refrigerants.
Another excellent reason to choose a monobloc ASHP is that they are incredibly easy to maintain, which may seem like more of a benefit to the engineer doing the maintenance, but it also means that your disruption from the maintenance when it happened should be significantly reduced.
Monobloc ASHPs are broadly speaking better suited to a smaller residential building, than a bigger building that is a more commercial unit that needs more flexibility on the design of the system.

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