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Split System

Split System Air Source Heat Pumps are multi unit heat pumps that suit larger properties with more space to install the units.

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Honest Knowledge

What is a Split System Air Source Heat Pump?

A split system ASHP is exactly what the name suggests, a heat pump that uses more than one unit to generate heat for your home. There is an outdoor unit which houses the heat exchanger and refrigerant gases – this is what extracts ambient heat from the surrounding air. There is also an indoor unit where the heated gases that have been transferred through pipework from outside are used to heat your water. The indoor unit can also house your hot water cylinder – depending on the model.

Why Choose a Split System Air Source Heat Pump?

There are lots of reasons to choose a Split System Air Source Heat Pump when you’re looking for a heat pump, especially when compared to a monobloc heat pump.
First and foremost, a split system heat pump can offer you hot running water. Depending on the heat pump you buy, it may have an integrated hot water storage tank in the indoor unit. This will either reduce the size of, or completely remove the need for a separate hot water storage tank –something you will definitely need with a monobloc heat pump.
You will also find yourself with more options for where to fit your outdoor unit compared to a monobloc system. This is because only the indoor unit has to be connected to the heating system, so you have much more leeway when it comes to placing the outdoor unit. Some pump models will even allow you to place the outdoor unit up to 75m away from the indoor unit, meaning it could be placed at the bottom of the garden, or around a corner out of sight.
Not only that, but an outdoor unit for a split system heat pump should be significantly smaller than the one you need for a monobloc heat pump, which in turn means it should take up less space. It should also run much quieter too

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