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ASHP Birmingham

If you want to upgrade your heating system to an Air Source Heat Pump in Birmingham then you’re in the right place. Considering the fact that an Air Source Heat Pump is as much as 300% efficient and produces 3 times as much heat as it costs to run, there is no better time to switch to one!

As the UK’s ban on traditional boiler installations in 2025 gets closer, installing an Air Source Heat Pump in Birmingham makes more and more sense. Especially when you consider that a traditional boiler in comparison can only be 98% efficient at most, so it will never generate as much heat as it costs to run and it’s easy to see why Air Source Heat Pumps are the heating of the future.

Cleaner, Greener Heating

An Air Source Heat Pump won’t create the same amount of carbon emissions that a traditional boiler using gas, oil or liquid petroleum will in order to generate heat. Because Air Source Heat Pumps use the heat from the air around them to produce heat for your home, and we won’t be running out of air any time soon, they are a green, low emission way to keep your home warm.

Because they also use significantly less energy in order to generate the same levels of heat that a traditional boiler does, they should be able to save you a significant amount on your energy costs over the course of their lifetime.

Add in to that the fact that it only really needs filters to be cleaned and replaced to maintain an ASHP for the most part, and yours should have no problem lasting for years to come!

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