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Anyone looking to install an Air Source Heat Pump in Liverpool is in the right hands with Honest Quotes. The ban on new gas boiler installations in 2025 is getting closer and closer, so there’s never going to be a better time to invest in your home and upgrade to an Air Source Heat Pump.

Depending on your model they’re 300% efficient on average, which compares to only 98% efficiency for the best traditional boiler on the market. In real terms for every £1 you’d be spending on running an Air Source Heat Pump in Liverpool you’d be getting £3 of energy in return, in contrast to your traditional boiler, which would only give you 98p back for every £1 it takes to run.

Cleaner, Greener Heating

Air Source Heat Pumps are the clean, green way of heating your home. Because ASHPs use the ambient heat in the air around us they are using a renewable form of energy and don’t need to burn a carbon emission heavy fossil fuel such as oil, liquid petroleum, or gas to heat your home. This makes them a low carbon, low emission way to keep your home warm and help the planet.

Because they also use a much lower amount of energy to generate heat when compared to a traditional boiler that creates the same amount, they should also lower your energy costs over the course of their lifetime.

Speaking of their lifetimes, an ASHP is designed to last between 15-20 years when they are properly looked after and maintained, and since they are incredibly easy to maintain it should be no problem for them to last that long. The only real maintenance that an ASHP needs to stay running well is cleaning and replacing the filters, so you should be happy with yours creating you clean, renewable heat for years to come!

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