UPVC Decking: Robert & Emily

Robert and Emily live in the North East and have 2 children under 10. They replaced their home’s old timber decking with some UPVC decking for safety and aesthetics. What made you want to replace your decking? When we moved into our home it already had decking, which was a bit old but lovely to […]

The Complete Guide To Eco4

What is the ECO4 Scheme?The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), is a government energy efficiency measure for Great Britain, administered by Ofgem. It has been introduced to by the government to improve the carbon footprint of the least energy-efficient homes in the country in to attempt to reach the 2050 net-zero strategy goal. Now in its […]

Case Study: James & Olivia, Midlands

James & Olivia live in the Midlands and have two children. They are currently receiving Child Benefit whilst James is working full time in the hospitality industry. They meet the criteria for ECO4 as they receive Child Benefit and their household income, as a couple with two children under 18 is still less than £32,300 […]

Case Study: Dan & Katie, Coventry

Dan & Katie are a couple with a young family. They have recently moved into the home they plan on staying in to raise their family and are in the process of making sure their home is everything want it to be. What led you to want to replace your windows? We’ve finally been lucky […]

Case Study: Jake & Helena, West Yorkshire

What led you to want to invest in an Air Source Heat Pump? Our boiler was coming to the end of its life, so we were looking at potential options to replace it.  We also wanted to try and make our money go further for running costs and try to do what we could about […]

Case Study: Mick & Joan, East Midlands

Mick & Joan live in Barrow upon Soar and are beginning the process of taking their private pensions early to start improving their home so that they are able to retire comfortably. What led you to want to invest in spray foam? We’re looking at winding down our careers and with that in mind we’re […]

Case Study: Sam & Lucy, South Coast

Sam & Lucy live on the South Coast, with a young family.  Both work from home and have high energy costs during the day.  They went for a 17 panel system with a 3.2 KW battery as they have high daily consumption, but lower consumption in the evening. What led you to want to invest […]