How Much Value Can Solar Panels Add to Your Home

Solar panels are good for your home. Let’s make that very clear and get it out of the way first. They can help you save up to 70% on your energy bills, and you can scale the system you install to your home to fit perfectly and add to it at a later date if […]

UPVC Decking: Suitable for all weathers

We all know that the UK weather is nothing if not unpredictable. Whether it’s bringing rain for days, sunshine for weeks, or snow for a day that feels like months we get it all. With that in mind, when you’re choosing a material for your outdoor living space you need to choose one that will […]

Resin Drives and Planning Permission

It’s always worth finding out whether you need to get planning permission when you are embarking on a significant home improvement.  Especially if you’re making a big change.  Most people don’t make big changes like replacing their drive very often, so if you’ve lived in your home for 5 years, and the drive was laid […]

Do I Need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning?

With the rising popularity of Air Conditioning in the UK it’s worth talking a little bit about whether or not you need planning permission for installing it. After all, going through the expense and the time of installing something as beneficial as A/C, only to be told it needs to be removed after the fact […]

Can Air Conditioning Help My Health?

As the temperatures get hotter and hotter here in the UK there is a rising desire for Air Conditioning to keep homes cool. But Air Conditioning can do more than just keep your home cool, you might be surprised to know that installing A/C in your home can make it a healthier place to be, […]

Can I Install Air Conditioning Myself?

In short, no not really. If you have bought a standalone Air Conditioning (A/C) unit, sometimes called a portable air conditioner, then sure, you can plug it in and let it go without needing a professional installer. However, installing a “proper” or permanent A/C system is a significantly more complicated task. Firstly, you need to […]

Let’s Talk About Resin Drives

We’ve all seen a house with a shiny new resin drive and had a little twinge of “ooh, I’d like one of them” haven’t we?  After all, one of the most important things for your home is its curb appeal, and a resin drive certainly brings that to the table.  But what do most of […]

Resin Bound or Resin Bonded?

You’ve made the decision to transform your drive and you’ve settled on resin.  First of all, congratulations, we might be biased, but we’re big resin fans!  Now that you’re committed to resin and you’ve done some research, you’re wondering whether you should be choosing resin bound, or resin bonded?  Well let us help. The major […]

Benefits Of ASHPs

If you’re thinking about getting an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) installed in your property but aren’t sure what they bring to the table compared to a traditional boiler, or you’re just looking into them and wondering “what is all the fuss about?” then let us help. We’ve put a little guide together of some […]

Solar & ASHPs

Air Source Heat Pumps take the heat from the air around them, and without going into too much detail (which is available here if you want it) turn that heat into heat that can be used by your home. They’re emission free, and they use electricity to operate. Solar Panels take the energy that comes […]