Case Study: Jake & Helena, West Yorkshire

What led you to want to invest in an Air Source Heat Pump? Our boiler was coming to the end of its life, so we were looking at potential options to replace it.  We also wanted to try and make our money go further for running costs and try to do what we could about […]

Loft Insulation – What’s It Made Of And Is It Safe?

In the UK typically comes in one of 4 ways, Blanket Insulation, Loose Fill insulation, Sheet Insulation, and Blown Fibre insulation. They all have their own benefits and practical applications, and they are all made from very similar materials. So what are they made from? And is it safe? What is Loft Insulation Made From? […]

How Does Insulation Work?

It’s important to ensure that your home is properly insulated because frankly heat will do what it wants, and try to escape any way it can. It will flow into a cold attic, garage, or cellar the first chance it gets, and if it can get out of the house through the walls or the […]

Case Study: Mick & Joan, East Midlands

Mick & Joan live in Barrow upon Soar and are beginning the process of taking their private pensions early to start improving their home so that they are able to retire comfortably. What led you to want to invest in spray foam? We’re looking at winding down our careers and with that in mind we’re […]

What Is The R Value of Insulation?

If you have an idea that there is something called an R Value that relates to insulation, then congratulations! You already know more about insulation and how it works to keep your home energy efficient than almost everyone else. The R Value refers to how thermally conductive a material is. In very simple terms, if […]