Resin Drives and Planning Permission

It’s always worth finding out whether you need to get planning permission when you are embarking on a significant home improvement.  Especially if you’re making a big change.  Most people don’t make big changes like replacing their drive very often, so if you’ve lived in your home for 5 years, and the drive was laid […]

Resin Bound or Resin Bonded?

You’ve made the decision to transform your drive and you’ve settled on resin.  First of all, congratulations, we might be biased, but we’re big resin fans!  Now that you’re committed to resin and you’ve done some research, you’re wondering whether you should be choosing resin bound, or resin bonded?  Well let us help. The major […]

Resin or Traditional: Which Drive Should You Choose?

When it comes to replacing your drive you’re making a big decision.  Afterall, it’s something you’ll see every time you leave and every time you come home, and it will make a big difference to your home’s kerb appeal. So, should you go for a traditional drive like tarmac or concrete? Or should you spend […]