How Much Value Can Solar Panels Add to Your Home

Solar panels are good for your home. Let’s make that very clear and get it out of the way first. They can help you save up to 70% on your energy bills, and you can scale the system you install to your home to fit perfectly and add to it at a later date if […]

Solar & ASHPs

Air Source Heat Pumps take the heat from the air around them, and without going into too much detail (which is available here if you want it) turn that heat into heat that can be used by your home. They’re emission free, and they use electricity to operate. Solar Panels take the energy that comes […]

Energy Price Cap Falling – July 2023

The Energy Price Cap Is Going Down In an announcement that is going to be welcomed by almost everyone is the UK, the energy regulator Ofgem announced on the 25th May 2023 that from July 1st 2023 the energy price cap will be falling by 17%. In practical terms, that means that for every £100 […]

Case Study: Sam & Lucy, South Coast

Sam & Lucy live on the South Coast, with a young family.  Both work from home and have high energy costs during the day.  They went for a 17 panel system with a 3.2 KW battery as they have high daily consumption, but lower consumption in the evening. What led you to want to invest […]

Solar Power At Night

One of the biggest misconceptions about solar power is that it’s only good for during the day, and let’s be honest, if you’re out all day at work or school, would solar really benefit you?  The good news is that you absolutely can use solar power at night! You don’t have to turn your schedule […]

Solar & EVs

The UK Government has announced its commitment to ending the sale of all new petrol and diesel powered vehicles after 2030. Major vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Cadillac, Lexus, Mini and even luxury manufacturers like Bentley and Rolls Royce have announced that they are all committed to having electric vehicles in their line-ups by 2030 […]

Solar Panels & Carbon Emissions

As the UK moves towards a greener future reducing carbon emissions is going to be a big part of our energy future. One of the best ways that we can all reduce our domestic carbon emissions is to take the carbon out of our energy supply chain as much as possible –and the best way […]

Busting Solar Myths

There are lots of solar myths floating out around there in the world, between the media and the internet lots of people have been given false information about solar power and solar panels. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most common myths we hear about solar, and the truth about […]