Case Study: Dan & Katie, Coventry

Dan & Katie are a couple with a young family. They have recently moved into the home they plan on staying in to raise their family and are in the process of making sure their home is everything want it to be. What led you to want to replace your windows? We’ve finally been lucky […]

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

You’re thinking about replacing your windows but aren’t 100% sure why you should. After all, unless your windows are completely blown or leaking, they’ll be fine for a bit longer, right? If that sounds like you then keep reading, because we’ve put together a few reasons why replacing your windows is a good idea. The […]

Common Signs Of Window Seal Failure

We’ve all been there, when we start to notice that the room we’re in feels just a little colder than it used to do, even though the weather and the temperature are the same. There are a lot of reasons that this could be happening, but one of the most common is that the seals […]