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Why Replace Your Boiler?

If your boiler is older than 10 years old, faulty or on an expensive maintenance plan you may find it is cheaper to replace with a brand new A+ rated combi boiler.

Cut Energy Bills

Record high energy prices means a replacement could save £350 a year.

Peace of Mind

Cut your maintenance plan and enjoy peace of mind with up to 10 year warranties.

Modern Controls

Manage your heating from anywhere with smart boiler controls and apps.

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The Importance Of A Modern Boiler

A good quality working boiler is integral in any home, yet so many homes having old and failing boilers which cause so many problems. 

With energy prices higher than ever, there has never been a more important time to consider replacing your boiler with an energy efficient A rated boiler from a well known brand.

Homeowners can save up to £350 per year with an A rated boiler as well as having peace of mind with up to 10 year manufacturers warranty. New boilers are also cheaper to take out maintenance plans and have generally lower running costs over their lifetime.

Modern boilers are also kitted out with fantastic features such as smartphone app connectivity which allow you to control your heating from anywhere using smart thermostats.

The price of boilers is also a lot less than you might think – for years large national companies overcharged for boilers leaving many people thinking new boilers are unaffordable!

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Replacement Boiler Options

See below for some of the most common replacement boiler options and a quick guide to each.

Combi Boiler

  • Replace your broken or aging combi boiler with a modern A+ rated equivalent and save up to £350 a year.
  • Quick and easy process can be completed in less than half a day.

Traditional Boiler

  • Replace your traditional boiler with a combi and save space. Potential to save in excess of £350 a year.
  • Simple process that can take up to a day depending on the job.

LPG Combi Boiler

  • Replace your LPG boiler with a new combi boiler and save on fuel with the added efficiency.
  • Simple process that allows a new combi boiler to use LPG.

Choose Leading Brands

Our installers offer a variety of leading quality boiler brands to suit a variety of budgets and circumstances.