Have You Heard of ECO4?


What is ECO4?

The Eco scheme is a UK Government backed scheme designed to help improve the energy efficiency of home across the UK, and to help the UK meet the net zero targets by 2050.

ECO4 is the most recent generation of the scheme, having been introduced in April 2022. It will run until 31st March 2026 and is a natural continuation of the ECO3 scheme. However, this version has some important changes to make it more consumer friendly.

How Does ECO4 Work?

The ECO-4 scheme is targeted towards households that are on lower incomes, more vulnerable to energy price rises, and in areas of high fuel poverty. The main goal for the ECO4 scheme is to increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of these homes, and in turn lower your house hold energy bills.

If you meet the qualifying criteria for the ECO4 scheme your home will then be surveyed and the appropriate improvements to your home will be scheduled in and carried out.

When it comes to deciding what kind of improvements are carried out under ECO4, this will depend on the current EPC rating of your home. Generally speaking, under the terms of the scheme your home should have the appropriate work carried out to raise the EPC rating by two levels, for example: a home with an F rating will be improved to a D, a home with an E rating will be improved to at least a C etc.

What Home Improvements Can I Get with ECO4

Depending on the level of your home’s energy performance there are a variety of different improvements that can be made to improve its energy performance, and ultimately make it more comfortable to live in whilst reducing your energy costs.

The kind of improvements you could see made are products like; insulation (cavity wall, solid wall, loft, and underfloor insulation), heating upgrades like repaired or new boilers, or the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump; or even something like the installation of Solar Panels on your home.

If you’d like to find out whether you qualify for ECO4, or you think you already might and want to get the ball rolling then you can fill out your details here and one of our team will be in touch to help

Guides & Advice

ECO4 is a great scheme, but being so new it can be a little confusing.  We’ve put together some guides to go into more detail about all aspects of ECO4 and help arm you with as much knowledge as possible.

The complete guide to ECO4

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO), is a government energy efficiency measure for Great Britain, administered by Ofgem.
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An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Rating is an easy, at a glance way to recognise what your home’s energy performance is like.
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ECO4: What is it and how is it helping us?

ECO4 has a focus on supporting those who live in fuel poor households, to reduce energy bills, boost their home’s energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.
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What Does The ECO4 Scheme Mean For Me?

ECO4 began in August 2022 and is set to run until 2026, with £1billion of funds being made available to pay for the upgrades and improvements to people’s homes.
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What Can ECO4 Do for My Home?

ECO4 is a scheme put in place by the UK government to do 2 things. First, ECO4 is part of the governments commitments to achieving its Net Zero targets by
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ECO4 Case Study – James & Olivia

James & Olivia live in the Midlands and have two children. They are currently receiving Child Benefit whilst James is working full time in the hospitality industry.
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Have You Heard of ECO4?

The Eco scheme is a Government backed scheme designed to help improve the energy efficiency of home across the UK, and to help the UK meet the net zero targets by 2050.
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The History of ECO4

ECO has seen different phases throughout its lifetime, and each one has had different goals and targets as part the broader plan to make the UK a greener country.
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Are you eligible for an ECO4 grant?