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Optimise your business with fleet management!

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In depth driver analysis improves your route planning.

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Reduce idle time & schedule maintenance more effectively.

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Refine Your Business With Vehicle Tracking

You can take your business to the next level by adding vehicle tracking to your fleet. By bringing fleet tracking to your business you add real time visibility to the status and location of your vehicles. This lets you optimise your drivers routes, schedule your maintenance times and boost your businesses productivity.

By knowing where your vehicles are and when you can accurately let your customers know where their drivers are, and when to expect them –increasing customer satisfaction by delivering real time transparency and communication with your customer base.

Not only can you improve your relationship with your customers, you can improve your own business internally with the peace of mind and the security of knowing where your vehicles are at all times. 

With no up front payments, and your first 3 months free with an initial 12-month contract there is no better time to drive your business forwards with fleet tracking.  For less than 30p per day, fleet tracking for your business will pay for itself in no time!

Benefits of a Vehicle Tracking System

Easy to control

  • Online tracking.
  • Free Android/iPhone app.
  • The best customer support.

Easy Sign Up

  • 12-month initial contract.
  • No Auto-renewal.
  • Less than 30p per day.

Tailored to You

  • Only 2 vehicles needed.
  • No limit on fleet size.
  • Installed within 7 days.

*First 3 months free offer is for new, qualifying customers who place an order through Way Fleet and who sign a minimum 12-month rental contract with the relevant partner. Offer is subject to change without notice.

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