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Our Guide To Home Security

What is Home Security?

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their home. Sleeping soundly at night comes a lot easier when you know that you have a security system in place and it’s just as important to know that your home is safe when you’re out, as well as knowing you’re safe when you’re in. Home Security is the best way to make sure that you can do exactly that!

There are lots of options available for the best way to protect your home, depending on what your home needs. Some homes will be suited to an alarm system whereas others might be better off with CCTV. Some homes already have smart home technology in place, and for them installing Smart Monitoring is the ideal way to get the peace of mind you need.

Home Security is ultimately one or a combination of different systems and components like alarms and CCTV that all work together. Each type of Home Security will have different moving parts and features that vary from product to product. This means that building the perfect system for your home’s needs and budget should be no problem.


Alarm System's 


Wired CCTV


Smart Monitoring


Wireless CCTV

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Types of Home Security

Each home is different, and each security system should be as individual as the home it protects. Thankfully there are multiple different options for Home Security that can work together or on their own to keep your home safe.


CCTV records footage of your property and helps to deter anyone who might think about breaking into your home.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems alert you and your neighbours that there is a potential intruder.  They can even be monitored 24/7.

Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring allows you to utilise smart technology to ensure that you can control your security from your phone or tablet.

Secure Your Home

Why Choose Home Security?

As the saying goes, your home should be your castle, and home security is the way to make your castle secure. The advice from police and burglars alike on how best to prevent your home being a target is to ensure that it is as unappealing as possible to potential criminals. Home Security is the way to deter potential intruders, by making your home as unappealing as possible to try break into –whether you’re at home or not.

Have you ever heard a noise in the night and wanted to check it out? CCTV can let you do that, and if you have the right system, you can do it without ever having to leave your bedroom and putting yourself at risk.

Adding an alarm system will let potential intruders know that if they attempt to get in and set the alarm off then they’ll be alerting you and all your neighbours around you that they’re there.

With smart monitoring the possibilities for protecting your home are almost endless, with control over them all at your fingertips. Everything from setting your alarms, locking your doors, and even answering your doorbell can all be done at the push of a button on your phone. You can even schedule all those things to happen automatically, so you never forget again!

Once you have installed a Home Security system you may find that your home insurance provider offers a discount for a more protected home, as in their eyes it is now a significantly lower risk. What more proof could you need that Home Security is a home must have?

Home Security Manufacturers

With so many different types of Home Security to choose from there are lots of different manufacturers of products to choose from too. This is great news for anyone looking to keep their home safe.

Home Security Quotes Near You

At Honest Quotes we only work with reliable, trusted installers that let us ensure that we can not only provide you with quotes, but with partners that can fulfil them. Whether you’re looking into an alarm system, having CCTV installed, or want to make your home security as smart as possible, Honest Quotes can help.

No matter where you are in the UK, whether it’s London or Liverpool, from Manchester to Birmingham and all points in between, we have you covered. We work hard to cut through the noise of other comparison sites, and give you the right quote for you.

Home Security FAQs

Protecting your home and keeping it safe and secure is one of the most important home improvements you can make. There are lots of questions you might have when it comes to home security, so we’ve answered some of our most common to give you a helping hand.

Whilst you don’t need your system to be monitored, it is an option that some systems come with.

Monitored security systems offer an additional level of protection for your home. This is because the monitoring team can respond to any alerts on your system instantly, and dispatch emergency services if needed.

Many modern home security systems are designed for at home installation, without the need for any professional services. Many smart monitoring systems for instance are designed to work straight from the box, with minimal set up required.

However, some systems may recommend or require professional installation for optimum performance.

False alarms can and do happen with any security system, but you will find that most modern systems have features in place to prevent them as much as possible. For example, adjustable sensitivity settings.

Every home is different, with different needs and requirements. A good place to start is considering what kind of protection you want your home to have, then looking at your budget so you can choose an option within your price range.

From there factors like the size of your home, whether you want professional monitoring, and what kind of features you want your system to have are all factors to take into account for your decision.

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