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Bells Only Alarms

A bell only alarm is the most traditional type of alarm you can have installed in your home, alerting you and your neighbours to potential intruders.

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What Is a Bell Only Alarm?

A bell only alarm is the classic burglar alarm you will have seen in many homes. It includes an alarm box on the outside of the house, sensors for inside, and an alarm panel to arm and disarm the alarm.

When triggered it will emit a loud noise, and often have a flashing light on the alarm box to alert you that the alarm has been set off.

Why Choose a Bells Only Alarm?

Bells Only alarms act as a fantastic deterrent to potential intruders. The classic alarm that most UK homes have, it is affordable and a readily available option for most homeowners in the UK.

The reason that Bells Only alarms are so effective is because of the noise they emit. Ultimately potential intruders want to get into your home and out again without anyone knowing. If an alarm were to go off on your street in the middle of the night, then it’s likely to wake you up, and some of the neighbours too. This is a worse case scenario for anyone who is trying to sneak around undetected.

Bells Only alarms are easy to install and can even be installed yourself depending on the complexity of the system. Not only that but they are low maintenance and only require maintenance checks and the occasional battery change to keep them working in perfect order. Speaking of having to replace a battery occasionally, many Bells Only alarm systems come with a battery back up to their alarm box, so if there is a power outage it won’t set off a false alarm!

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