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Dummy Alarms

Dummy Alarms are ‘false’ or decoy alarms that are a great way to deter potential criminals, without breaking the bank or needing disruptive installation.

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Honest Knowledge

What is a Dummy Alarm?

Dummy Alarms are sometimes known as decoy, or false alarm systems. They are a fake alarm that is installed outside your home that looks to the outside world like a functioning alarm system. Given that the best way to prevent your home from being broken into is to make it look unappealing to potential criminals, Dummy Alarms can be an effective way of protecting your property.

Why Should I Install a Dummy Alarm?

Dummy alarms are designed to deter would be criminals from trying to enter your home. They do this by making it look unappealing to risk breaking into. A Dummy alarm isn’t connected to a power source and doesn’t make a noise or alert of any kind if your home were to be broken into, it is simply a visual deterrent.

The good thing about Dummy alarms though is that they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, so would-be criminals won’t know that your alarm is a dummy unless they’re willing to risk trying their luck regardless.

This means that Dummy alarms are easy to install with minimal disruption since they don’t need any wiring or complex set up, and they won’t need any installation in your home either since there are no sensors to install. It also makes Dummy alarms considerably cheaper than their alternatives, whilst still being an effective and quick solution for security conscious homeowners.

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