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Monitored Alarms

A Monitored Alarm connects to an external security company for a monthly or yearly fee, adding an extra layer of security for your home.

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Honest Knowledge

What is a Monitored Alarm?

Monitored Alarm Systems work the same as Bells Only alarms do, but with the added difference of an external security company keeping an eye on your system. This means that there is someone monitoring your alarm 24/7 and responding to any potential alerts as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Choose a Monitored Alarm?

Monitored Alarms are the next level of protection for your home. The key difference between them and a Bells Only alarm is the fact that they are monitored 24/7. An external security company will monitor your alarm for a monthly or yearly fee, and depending on the type of alarm and company you choose, respond to any alerts as appropriate.

Generally, you can opt for a keyholder monitored alarm, or a police monitored alarm. This means that your security company will contact you when there is a security alert, and if they cannot get in touch with you then they will contact a nominated person. Or your security company will contact the police for you if your alarm is triggered, so if you are out of the house and the worst should happen you can rest assured that the police will be on their way. It is worth noting that there will most likely be conditions for who can and cannot be nominated as a keyholder for a keyholder monitored alarm.

Monitored alarm systems quite often have to be installed by a professional service in order to ensure that they meet the standards required by the monitoring company, which lets you know that your system will be installed and work to proper standards.

Installing a monitored alarm will also reduce false alarms you may have. Since the system is monitored, the operators of the security system can verify whether the alarm is genuine or not before alerting the relevant people. This means that if your alarm goes off by mistake, you won’t have any undue panic or stress.

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