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Outdoor CCTV is designed to give you coverage of your property outside the home. Outdoor CCTV cameras are robust and weatherproof, designed to withstand freezing temperatures, as well as wind, hail, rain, and snow.

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What is Outdoor CCTV?

Outdoor CCTV is exactly that, a CCTV system that is designed to be used to monitor your property’s exterior. It can be combined with indoor CCTV cameras to make a full home system, or used on its own.

Why Choose Outdoor CCTV?

CCTV itself is a great deterrent to potential intruders, and outdoor CCTV even more so. Because outdoor CCTV is visible on your property it has an immediate visual impact that will help to deter would be criminals. Not only that but you can set your cameras to overlook your doorways and driveway and keep your points of entry and vehicles more secure.

Outdoor CCTV comes with a lot of the same great options that indoor CCTV cameras do, so you have the option of choosing a model (or models) that have night-vision, high definition recordings, and motion sensors, as well as wide angle lenses to record as much of your home as possible.

Since the home security market is so rich today there are also a wide array of options when it comes to the cameras available, and how they connect to your home. This means that whether you are looing at a battery powered option connected via Wi-Fi, or whether you want wired connections for more reliable power to your system – there is sure to be an option for you.

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