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Wireless CCTV Quotes

Wireless CCTV is CCTV that transmits its footage wirelessly from the camera to the recording device, without needing any wires or cables. However, it does still require a wired power cable to keep it running.

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What is Wireless CCTV?

When we talk about wireless CCTV we actually refer to the way that footage is sent through the recording device, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or even a smart TV. As long is the footage from your camera gets there through Wi-Fi rather than a cable, then your CCTV is wireless.

Why Choose Wireless CCTV?

Wireless CCTV has the advantage of needing less wires and cabling (shocking we know!) than wired CCTV. This makes it easier and simpler to install, and more importantly more flexible when it comes to camera placement. This means that wireless CCTV is more dynamic than wired CCTV which is much more restricted in where it can be placed, and by extension, what coverage it can offer your home.

Wireless CCTV is also incredibly easy to move around or add new cameras to the system. Because you only need to connect to a power outlet, adding a new camera to your network should be no more complicated than ensuring that it connects properly to your Wi-Fi system for recording. By extension, if you don’t want to add more cameras to your system, but want to change their placement, this is easily done since the cameras in a wireless system are by their nature lightweight and easy to move.

There is also the option with the latest types of CCTV to have a completely wire free system, which involves battery-powered cameras that transmit their footage to your recording device via Wi-Fi. Wire free CCTV is even easier to install than wired or the more traditional wireless option, however you do have to consider how often you will need to replace the batteries in the cameras, and how accessible they are when do so. The last thing you would want is to need to see your CCTV footage only to find out that the camera wasn’t working.

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