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Smart Alarm Systems

Smart Alarm Systems are the modern, ‘intelligent’ version of traditional burglar alarms – updated to give the most control over your security.

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What Are Smart Alarm Systems?

Smart Alarm Systems work the same way that traditional alarm systems do but with the added advantage of incorporating smart technology to give you comprehensive protection for your home, as well as unprecedented control over your system.

A smart alarm system is connected to a central hub in your home and can be controlled via a smart phone app, and in some instances connected to your existing smart hub, which allows you to control it with your voice too!

Why Choose a Smart Alarm System?

Every home should have an alarm system to keep its occupants safe, and to give you the peace of mind that your home is protected and secure when you’re out and about. Smart Alarms are the modern way to give your home 360-degree protection, with control over it all at your fingertips.

Most Smart Alarms will come with all the necessary components to set up a working alarm system you would expect: motion detectors, keypad, bell alarm etc. but crucially they will also include a smart hub. This is what sets your smart alarm apart from a traditional. Your smart hub connects your components to your system, and also allows you to connect additional components after your alarm is installed.

Because Smart Alarm systems work through Wi-Fi, there is no difficulty in adding components to your system, and it is as easy as possible to install the whole thing since there are no unnecessary wires required to connect anything together.

The best part about a smart alarm is the fact that you can control them through an app. This lets you do things like arm your alarm, part arm your alarm, check your alerts, disarm your alarm and more.

Not only can you do this with your phone or tablet, but some smart alarms even pair with your existing smart hub like Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can do all those things with voice commands!

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