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Smart Monitoring Accessories

Smart Monitoring Accessories are options to make your home more secure, whilst still staying connected.

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What Are Smart Monitoring Accessories?

Smart Monitoring Accessories aren’t accessories as such, not in the same way that a phone case is a phone accessory. Rather, they’re the kind of devices and technologies that will boost your smart home security system by adding to it and making it more secure.

Motion sensors, video doorbells and smart locks to name a few can all be added into your system to make sure that you have as much security, and control over your system as possible.

Why Choose Smart Monitoring Accessories?

With so many smart monitoring options to integrate into your system and keep your home secure, it really is simply a case of deciding how best to build the system that best protects you and your loved ones.

Motion sensors have been a vital part of alarm systems in homes for many years, and now smart motion sensors have taken that technology even further. Using infra-red technology and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart motion sensors can be linked to all other smart devices in your home. The great thing about smart motion sensors is that they can be linked to your smart alarm and security cameras to ensure that you get alerted as quickly as possible to anything potentially untoward in your home.

Video doorbells are becoming more and more common across the country, and with good reason.

They don’t just show you who is at the door, they can record them too, so you have proof of who is there. This isn’t just handy to make sure your parcel has been delivered but can be vital if someone uninvited tries to enter your home. Beyond that, they allow you to talk to whoever is at the door, and they can alert you that someone is there – whether you’re out and about, and just can’t quite get to the door in time.

Smart locks are electronic locks that connect to your home and don’t use a traditional key. Whether they are locked with a keypad, a fingerprint scanner, or more commonly an app on your phone all depends on the type of lock you choose. They are incredibly versatile and, in many cases, allow you to give temporary passwords for visitors, rather than needing spare keys, plus, their connectivity means that you can lock and unlock your door at the touch of a button on your smartphone! Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to commit to a fully digital door, many can also come with a traditional key as a backup.

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