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Celotex are a part of the Saint-Gobain Insulation UK group, who offer an extensive range of insulation solutions and services throughout the UK.

Why Celotex?

Celotex PIR insulation is manufactured at production facilities in Egg borough in Yorkshire and Hadleigh in Suffolk, and there is a nationwide distribution service from each facility.

With a focus on supporting all market sectors with their portfolio of insulation solutions, Celotex and their parent company are committed to making the world a better place by focusing on continuous improvement, sustainability and innovation in their practice.

They are also committed to having an overarching approach to sustainability throughout their entire operation, working continually to improve not only their sustainability with their packaging and products, but also through reducing their carbon footprint in their distribution process. Celotex have recently partnered with Volvo to update their delivery fleet that will save up to 1,300 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

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