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Isothane are one of the leading manufacturers of Polyurethane products that are used in thermal insulation and are committed to constantly developing and updating their range of products.

Why Isothane?

Founded in 1994, Isothane are a leading manufacturer of polyurethane technology used in thermal insulation, waterproofing, and rigid foam products. They offer domestic insulation solutions such as spray foam and cavity wall foam insulation, and their products are even used in film props and marine buoys.

Throughout their time in business Isothane have established their reputation as a leading manufacturer of polyurethane, with a wealth of experience in the field that has allowed them to develop dependable products and innovative solutions that have been used in projects both domestically and commercially across the globe.

Isothane are committed to making sure that their products and service are of the highest standards of quality control in their industry, with quality control covering the entirety of their manufacturing process. They are also accredited with professional bodies throughout their industry.

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