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Rockwool have been ranked #1 Building Products company in the Corporate Knights Global 100sustainability index.

Why Rockwool?

There are over 11,000 employees in over 39 countries all working together to make Rockwool one of the top 20 most sustainable companies in the world. They are a world leader in stone wool, and create products that cover everything from building insulation to acoustic ceilings, horticultural solutions and external cladding, and even industrial insulation for marine and offshore businesses.

Based in Bridgeend in South Wales, Rockwool Ltd are the UK arm of the global Rockwool group. With over 500 employees across the UK, including in the Bridgend facility Rockwool are happy to be a business creating opportunities for their local area, whilst at the same time offering a full range of sustainable, high-preforming insulation products for the construction industry.

Their goal is to use their expertise to tackle sustainability and development challenges such as energy consumption and noise pollution, to fire resilience. Rockwool insulation was used for sound dampening in the O2 area London, and their diverse product range reflects the needs of the world as a whole, and their desire to provide solutions to global problems.

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