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Almost a third of all heat lost in an uninsulated home is through the walls. Cavity wall insulation is the perfect way to prevent this heat loss and lower your energy bills.

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What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is the cost effective, minimal mess way of insulating the gap in between your walls. This will lower your energy bills, improve your carbon footprint, and keep your home warmer.

Cavity wall insulation isn’t something that you can install yourself unfortunately, however, registered installers can get the entire job done in as little as 2 hours depending on the size of your home.

Why Get Cavity Wall Insulation?

Some homes are built with Cavity Walls, where there is a gap between the external wall and the internal one. They were built this way so that it makes it harder for damp by moisture to reach the inside of the home from the exterior wall. The gap between the cavities is also designed to prevent warmth transfer from the inside wall to the outside, and this is where cavity wall insulation comes in.

Cavity wall insulation is relatively cheap to install when compared to other energy saving solutions, and will last a long time. Not only does it keep your home warmer by reducing heat that escapes through your walls, it can also make your home quieter by reducing the sound transmission through your walls. Cavity wall insulation can even reduce the amount of draughts you feel in your home.

It is done by creating small holes in the side of the home, no more than 1m apart, and then injecting the cavity with one of three different types (blog link) of insulation. One thing you can guarantee is that when correctly installed cavity wall insulation will save you money on your energy bills. So much so that on average the longest it will take for you to make your money back on installing cavity wall insulation would be 5 years. Considering that it can last up to 25 years, you could be enjoying a warmer home and lower energy bills thanks to reduced heat loss for years to come – without worrying about the cost!

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