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Floor Insulation

You might be surprised to know that 10% of heat loss in the average home is actually through the floor. Fortunately insulating your floor is easier than you might.

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What is Floor Insulation?

Floor Insulation is a great way to make your home more comfortable and prevent some heat loss, even through something as simple as having a rug or carpet down.

There are other ways to insulate your floor too, and whether your floor even needs insulating depends entirely on the type of home you have. Modern new build home don’t tend to need floor insulation, compared to older homes with ‘suspended floors’ for instance.

Why Get Floor Insulation?

Insulating your floors will be more or less necessary for you depending on the type and age of your home. If you have an old home with ‘suspended floor’ which are essentially floor boards on a joist above a void then you’re likely to be losing heat through the floor.

Homes with concrete floors built since the 1930’s tend to have less of a problem with heat loss through the floor, and in modern new build homes heat loss through the floor is practically non-existent.

Caulking or sealing the gaps between your floorboards and skirting boards and the floor will prevent draughts and heat loss. When you get carpets installed adding a polyfoam board or fibreboard underlay will act as incredibly effective insulation. Even adding something as simple as placing a rug or two – especially on top of bare floorboards – will help to block out some draughts and keep your feet warm! If you have access to your crawlspace you can easily add underfloor insulation too, although if you don’t you would need to take up your floorboards to get access to where needs insulating.

When floor insulation is installed, there is usually little to maintenance at all, it can save you money and reduce your energy bills, add extra sound proofing to your home, and it can be installed anywhere there are draughts!

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