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Types of Loft Insulation

There are more ways to insulate your loft than you might think and choosing the right kind of loft insulation can make all the difference.

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Choosing The Right Loft Insulation Type

You’re probably surprised that there are actually a number of different ways to insulate your loft, each with different benefits and drawbacks that make them suitable or not for your home.

With the variety of choices available it’s always best to make sure you have looked into what’s out there to choose from so that you can make sure you pick the right choice for you.  That’s why we have a little guide to each of the options to make things easier for you.

Blanket Insulation

This is the most common type of loft insulation you’ll see in homes in the UK. It comes in rolls generally, and can be made of rock, recycled glass, foil backed felt, or mineral fibres.

Loose Fill Insulation

This insulation involves loose, lightweight material that can top up existing insulation or be used on its own. It consists of things like cork granules, mineral wool,  fibre, and even recycled newspaper!

Sheet Insulation

This kind of insulation is designed to insulate the underside of the roof. Made of firm boards of natural or synthetic materials, it can be made to specific sizes, and can even be fire, and moisture resistant.

Blown Fibre Insulation

This kind of insulation is blow in between gaps in the joists of the loft. The loose fibres are great for getting into hard to reach areas of your loft that otherwise might be missed.