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Blanket Insulation

We’ve broken down the different types of boilers and the different types of fuels for you with a guide on each, to try to take as much of the stress and worry about replacing your boiler away as possible.

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Blanket Insulation

Blanket and Batts are the same type of insulation, just different words for different ways the insulation comes. Generally made of foil backed felt, recycled glass, or mineral fibres it is a cheap and effective way for you to insulate your home.

Blanket insulation comes in rolls of different widths and thicknesses, Batts of the same thing come in rectangular panels. Blanket insulation is a great choice for many homes as thanks to the way it is made, it is incredibly easy to install yourself.

Insulating your home can reduce your energy costs and your carbon emissions. Around 25% of all lost energy in your home is lost through the ceiling thanks to the fact that heat rises. Adding loft insulation will also have the added benefit of increasing your EPC rating which will have a positive impact on your homes value.