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Types of Resin Driveways

There are different types of resin drive you can install, and different types of resin that you can use for laying those resin drives. We’ve gone into more detail on each of the different options available to make choosing your drive as easy as possible.

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Choosing the Right Drive

Upgrading your drive is a bold decision and one that we know you won’t be taking lightly. When it comes to resin drives there are a lot of great reasons to choose them, especially over traditional concrete, or tarmac. But, making sure you choose the right kind of drive and right kind of resin for your needs is just as important as choosing the right design for your home. Between the different types of resin, and the different ways to lay the drive, there is a lot to consider.

UV Stable Resin

UV Stable resin is designed to ensure that the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun on resin don’t affect your drive.

Non-UV Stable Resin

Non-UV Stable resin is the first kind of resin used by the resin industry in the UK. It is more often used today in commercial installations.

Resin Bound Drives

A resin bound drive is made through combining a mix of aggregate stone and resin together before laying the drive, for a smooth finish.

Resin Bonded Drives

A resin bonded drive is made by first laying the resin on top of the drive base, before then adding the aggregate stone, so a more gravel like finish.

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