Could Your Next Power Bill be $0?​

Check if you can eliminate your bill with solar, a Duracell Battery and Social Energy.

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Want To Enjoy $0 Energy Bills?​

Four Simple Steps to Savings...

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need is solar panels to capture that glorious sunshine and generate 100% clean energy on your roof. If you’ve already got some installed, you’re on the way and Social Energy can work with them. If you’ve not got solar yet, no drama, they can fit top of the line all black panels for you.

Step 2

Now, like most people you’ll likely use most of your power in the evening, meaning a lot of your solar goes to waste. But not anymore…with Social Energy’s exclusive Duracell Solar Battery system, you can store your solar energy, to use later in the evening when you need it.

Step 3

Here’s where Social Energy come in…they’ll become your new energy retailer. What makes us different from all the big old school guys is they charge you less for energy you use from them, and pay you much more for the solar energy you don’t use or store in your battery!

They will even give you access to monitor your solar and battery system FREE forever, with visibility of your savings in their app.

Step 4

The fourth piece of the puzzle? You!

Well technically, you and thousands of other Aussie families all installing solar and batteries to reduce your bills and protect our planet.

Together, Social Energy can change energy for the better, all whilst enjoying $0 bills.

Want To Enjoy $0 Energy Bills?​

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