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Types of Solar

Solar power can be a confusing place, especially when you’re first starting your journey. We’ve broken down the different types of solar installations available to make it as easy as possible for you to get started.

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Choosing the Right Solar Option

Choosing to go solar isn’t just a snap decision, it’s an investment in your home and your future to protect yourself from rising energy costs, and to do your part to help the environment.

There’s no one size fits all for solar, so we’ve laid out the different types of solar installations available, to make it easy for you to research what is the best option for you.

Solar System Installation

A full solar system incorporates both solar panels and a storage battery together to allow you to use free solar energy at night.

Solar Panel Only

A solar panel only installation allows you to use free energy from the sun to offset your bills but doesn’t have any energy storage.

Battery Only Installation

A battery only installation is perfect for you if you already have solar panels and are wanting to add storage to your system.

Black Solar Panels

Black solar panels are a type of solar panels that are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their stylish colour and look.

Bird Proofing

Bird proofing is how to keep your solar system safe from nesting birds that can cause expensive damage to your system.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal is a method of using solar panels to extract heat energy from the sun that can be used to heat your hot water.

Expand Your Solar System

You can add more solar panels to your roof, or even increase the size of your battery to get even more out of your solar system.

Commercial Solar

Businesses can benefit from embracing solar power too – reducing overheads, and enhancing business sustainability.

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