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Resins R Us

Resins ‘R’ Us are a family owned business who specialise in supplying resin bound materials throughout the UK. They have worked installing resin products themselves, ensuring that they offer second to none customer service regarding your resin installation.

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Why Resins ‘R’ Us?

Resins ‘R’ Us supply high quality resin and aggregates to everyone from builders and architects to landscapers and homeowners. As a single source supplier, they consolidate deliveries so that all products are delivered at once as complete orders, and are heat shrunk for protection from the elements.

Resins ‘R’ Us offer support, advice, and the right information at all times to both existing customers and new customers alike, as customer service is one of the most important aspects of their business. They believe that working with customers to help them make informed decisions on their resin installations only helps the resin market to grow – which only helps Resins ‘R’ Us to grow too!

They offer over 50 different high-quality aggregates fully stocked at all times, and promise that all their resins are designed o be able to handle temperature fluctuations, high temperatures, and high humidity as well as be resistant to acid, diesel and petrol.

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