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Why Install Solar?

One of the best things you can do to have the biggest impact on your energy bills is to install a solar system for your home.

A solar system is a full system that encompasses both solar panels and a storage battery to allow you to replace as much of your energy usage as possible with free energy from the sun.

We have seen a remarkable number of customers save up to 70% on their current energy bills by switching to solar power.  Solar power hasn’t relied on direct sunlight alone for years now, and the climate in the UK is perfect for solar to generate power all year round.

Installing a solar system is absolutely an investment into your own future, for your own energy supply and your financial future both.  After your system is in place then every kilowatt of energy that your solar panels generate is completely and totally free – and with bills rising seemingly constantly who doesn’t want to get free energy?

Add on top of the financial incentives to install solar, there is also the fact that we all know climate change is a very real thing, and switching to solar power is the greenest way you can make a difference on a personal level.  It might be hard to believe, but all the power that your solar system generates is completely emission free!


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Types of Solar

Every home is different, which is why no two solar systems are the same.  Some homes are perfect for solar panels and batteries, some only need solar panels, and some might only want a battery adding.  Since solar systems are so diverse, there are lots of different types of solar installation to make sure you find the right system for you.

Solar System Installation

A full solar system incorporates both solar panels and a storage battery together to allow you to use free solar energy at night.

Solar Panel Only

A solar panel only installation allows you to use free energy from the sun to offset your bills but doesn’t have any energy storage.

Battery Only Installation

A battery only installation is perfect for you if you already have solar panels and are wanting to add storage to your system.

Black Solar Panels

Black solar panels are a type of solar panels that are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their stylish colour and look.

Generate more energy

Add more panels

Why Expand Your System?

Solar systems are a great option for every home, not just because of their green credentials or their energy saving potential, but because they can be expanded too!

You may have always wanted a large solar system but found yourself in a better financial position to install a smaller one initially and expand it at a later date to spread the cost. If you’re now in a position to revisit the size of your solar system then adding more panels or even a bigger battery might be the perfect choice for your home now.

Expanding your solar system can save you more money on your energy bills, generate you more energy to power your home, or even just allow you to use more of the energy your home is currently generating.

If you are wanting to add more solar panels to your system since you have more roof space you didn’t capitalise on during your initial installation then expanding your system is the perfect choice for you. It will allow you to generate even more energy which could power your home or go back to the grid as part of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme.

Solar Manufacturers

There are lots of different solar manufacturers in the UK, which gives consumers a great market to choose from thanks to the number of options available.  Since solar power is something that is new to a lot of people, not everyone will be aware of just what is out there to choose from.

Solar FAQs

We understand that solar can be complicated, and with it being so new to so many people there are understandably a lot of questions that you might have.  We have gathered a few of our most frequently asked questions about solar and answered them in one easy place to help make things a little easier for you.

This is our most commonly asked question, because there aren’t too many places you can that find to give you a straight answer.

The sun hits the earth with more power in an hour than the whole planet could use in a year. Solar power is very simple, it’s taking the energy the sun beams down to the planet every day, converting it through solar panels, into electricity your home can use.

There are some restrictions on what kind of roof solar panels can go on.  Generally speaking you need to have the space to fit at least 8 panels on your roof in order to make sure that you have enough power to make installing solar worthwhile.

We get this question a lot, and we can understand why! The UK isn’t exactly known for being the sunniest of places after all.

The answer is that the UK is more than sunny enough to not only install solar panels, but to for them to generate power all year round!  Modern solar power works from daylight alone, you don’t need direct sunlight anymore. So even on the cloudiest days, you will still see the benefits of solar power!

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it’s hard to say for everyone.  What we can say is that solar is an investment in the future of your energy bills and your energy security – some customers save up to 70% on their energy bills after installing solar.

Once the panels are installed, they should last at least 25 years, so even if it took 10 years to pay for a system, you’d be enjoying 15 years of totally free energy from the sun!

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Honest Quotes work with trusted and vetted installers throughout the UK that allow us to provide you with not only quotes, but reliable partners who can fulfil those quotes.  Whether you are looking to install Solar or expand your system, Honest Quotes has you covered.  No matter where you are in the UK.

From London to Manchester and Birmingham to Liverpool Honest Quotes have you covered.  We cut through the noise of comparison sites and work to give you the right quote for Solar installation in your area, not just a mountain of quotes for you to dig through to find the one that suits you.

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