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Trina Solar

Trina Solar were founded in 1997, and with over 2 decades of experience in researching and developing solar panels it’s easy to see why they’re one of the biggest manufacturers of solar panels in the world.

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Why Trina Solar?

Trina offer a wide range of solar products, including both blue and black solar panels, inverters, and even bifacial solar panels. Not only do they offer such a wide product range, but they also are committed to being both at the forefront of solar innovation, and to ensuring that their own business practices are sustainable too.

Their commitment to leading the way in solar innovation is what drives them to keep pushing the boundaries of solar efficiency even further, improving the solar technology available to the market, and to customers across the globe. Trina Solar have 2 different types of panels that have set records for 23.22% and 23.03% efficiency – numbers unheard of in solar only 15 years ago!

It is a point of pride for Trina Solar that up to April 2022 they have produced solar modules that have been able to generate the equivalent of over 4 Three Gorges Dam power stations worth of power, or put another way, generated enough power to be the equivalent of planting 7.4 billion trees worldwide. They have also implemented a number of different measures to improve their carbon footprint, including the implantation of environmentally friendly production processes, and using renewable energy to power their own manufacturing facilities. Not only that but they have made commitments to ensure that their products are recycled at the end of their life, and they have even seen proof that their sustainable practices are working in their reduction of electricity and water consumption by over 60% from 2015-2020.

Why Install Solar On Your Home?

Next generation solar and battery systems are capable of producing large amounts of free electricity from daylight which can drastically cut your bills – right at the time when energy bills are at their highest point ever.

Cut Bills By Up To 70%

Generating your own energy reduces the need to buy expensive energy from the grid.

Save Up To £40,000

Savings over your solar panels’ 25 year guaranteed lifespan can add up to £40,000 in most cases.

No Upfront Costs

Get solar on your roof with no upfront costs and flexible finance options spread over 10 years.

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